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Discussion 2 to Meditation 10
How young is old enough

by: Dawn Wessel (website)

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You must understand that the basis of Christianity is 'fear and control' - they fear everything that falls outside of their belief system and crown it all with 'God said'.

They don't realize that if they were 'free from fear' (as their religion claims to make them) they could easily discourse with you and anyone on ths site and leave without the slightest bit of regret.

They are afraid of you - you make them think of things they'd rather not deal with because then they'd have to come into the real world.

Your friend seemed to be acting out of fear too. You did the right thing. Sooner or later that 18 year old girl was going to encounter the subject anyway.

As for the Jesuits, shame on them, if you indoctrinate a child early they will just be more shocked when they enter the real world.