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Discussion 2 to Meditation 7
Fence-sitting, scared-to-hope, blinded-by-Lucifer, self-deceived, spiritual pacifists?
Not so!

by JT

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While I was reviewing some of the older Meditations, I encountered Anthony Patterson's little diatribe and found it still annoys me as much as it did when I originally published it a year ago.

Here's someone who take it on himself to criticize agnosticism without the faintest understanding of what agnosticism is other than we don't happen to believe in his particular version of god.

Fence sitting? That implies we are unable to make up our minds between belief in god and denial of god. Perhaps that is true of some agnostics (I don't pretend to speak for all) but it ignores the concept that "I don't know" is a legitimate answer. I have firmly made up my mind - and it is "I don't know." And in my own agnosticism, I go one step further and say, "We cannot know." That is not fence sitting. It is my final answer.

Scared-to-hope? What does that mean? It is the religionists who use the torments of the afterlife to frighten people into following their prescriptions. You don't see a fire-and-brimstone spewing agnostic. No: that's what some religious leaders use to keep their flocks in line. People do not come to agnosticism out of fear; we have freed ourselves from the scare tactics of organized religion.

Blinded-by-Lucifer? Anthony Patterson can pretend that we don't see his spiritual truth because of some spell cast upon us by a mythical evil creature, but our eyes are wide open and we see the emptiness of the argument for belief in God and his evil twin. We are not blinded by Lucifer, nor blinded by God; not even blinded by those those who argue for the existence of either.

Self-deceived? First it's Lucifer's fault, now it's our own fault? Mr. Patterson should consider the possibility that he is the one being deceived. After all, how is he certain that his version of god is the correct one rather than one of the many other gods being worshipped by others just as convinced of their rightness.

Spiritual pacifists? I'm certainly not spiritual, and I'm downright militant about being an apathetic agnostic.