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Discussion 1 to Meditation 6
Psychic Predictions 2010 & 2011

by: JT

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While I have not repeated the exercise conducted in Meditation 6, I see that noted skeptic Benjamin Radford has undertaken a similar project.

Late in 2009, he published a list of 15 predictions for 2010. Depending on how you score partial hits, his score would be in the range 73% - 100% correct - about the same as the 80% I claimed for my 2000 predictions.

He has now published his predictions for 2011 (made 24 December 2010.) Sadly, he already has one partial success. (A serial killer with a Biblical name will be caught, either in California or in a Southern state.)

For the full article on Radford's 2010 & 2011 psychic predictions - using like me, absolutely none of his psychic powers:

Psychic Predictions, Past and Future