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Discussion 2 to Meditation 5
On Born Again

by Dawn Wessel (website)

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You are right, the Bible can't possibly mean 'born again' literally. Use figurative/literalness to translate.

Christians have interpreted baptism to mean 'wash' but it's real interpretation means 'gush' as in 'a gush of water during the birth process'.

The idea of baptism was to represent being 'born over'. When we're in the womb we're surrounded with 'water'. Likewise 'baptism' is a figuative/literal new re-birth, we 'come out of water' once more and are re-born.

There is also a mystery surrounding baptism. Apparently in the spirit world there is 'water' of some kind and those who enter paradise must first 'pass through' this body of water which exists between the second and third heaven (apparently there are ten levels to heaven but no Christian seems to know this even though the apostle Paul mentioned that he visisted the third heaven).