The Ten Wisdoms of Apathyology


#1. Do not care about wanting to cause harm to anyone.

#2. Do not care about your personal past. It will stunt your future.

#3. Do not care about revenge. It is a self-inflicted wound.

#4. Everyone on Earth believes, thinks, feels and looks differently than you. Do not care about anyone's differences.

#5. Do not care if there is a purpose to your life on Earth. If there is, it will be fulfilled whether you care or not.

#6. You can care about anyone and anything you want - just not too much.

#7. You begin to care too much when you start caring about any of the first five Wisdoms.

#8. In any human relationship, he who cares the least has the most power.

#9. Contentment comes from strength - the strength that comes from not caring too much about anything.

#10. Letting go is difficult and satisfying.

"Be happy, be excited, show kindness, celebrate, and work hard for everyone and everything you care about. Recognize the existence of the things you should not care about. Give them little thought and no action."

-Uncle Cosmo, Apathyological Society