How to Practice Apathyology.

There is nothing new in Apathyology. All of the good morals and values you have learned are still at the heart of the philosophy. Apathyology is just a different way of looking at things. It's like looking at a room reflected in a mirror. Everything is familiar, but sitting in different places. Apathyology helps you behave in a way that makes the most of your good morals and values. There are two aspects to Apathyology. The first is learning not to care about the things you don't need to care about. Those things can be found in the first five of the Ten Wisdoms of Apathyology. Emotions can generally be categorized as either negative or positive. Hate is a common negative emotion and love is a common positive emotion. Apathyology doesn't have negative emotions. Its goal is to produce only positive and zero emotions. Giving energy to negative emotions is contrary to the health of yourself and society. Giving zero energy to our dissenting emotions is the primary objective of Apathyology. The other aspect of Apathyology is that you can care about anything positive, but not too much. Just as a meal of your favorite food can be ruined by over-eating, caring too much can spoil the things or people you care about. When we care so much about something that we cause harm to others or ourselves then we care too much. You have seen people care too much. You can remember when you have cared too much. It is an indulgence that compromises our intent. It sours us on caring about the things we should care about. It affects our self-esteem. The last five Wisdoms concern caring too much. Practicing Apathyology is easy - and difficult. All you have to do is think about Apathyology to practice it. Become familiar with the Ten Wisdoms and keep them in the back of your mind. When you experience a situation that calls for a negative emotional response, then apply what you have learned about Apathyology. Here is the difficult part - learning not to care. Examine the feelings that you have. Examine them as you would a splinter in your thumb. Allow the message of Apathyology to diffuse the anger, the hate, the need for revenge, the distrust, and the insecurity. You'll find yourself applying Apathyology to several situations a day. Some situations will be easier to conquer than others. Every time you let go of the things you shouldn't care about, the more satisfied you will become. You will become accustomed to not wasting energy on negative emotions, and you will be a more contented and respected person. Try this for a week and let me know if you find benefit in it. If you find benefit, please tell others.

Uncle Cosmo

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