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U . Wisdom

For the uses of the word "wisdom" which appear in this bible, "the intelligent application of learning" is the best of several definitions given by the dictionary. However, this word is clearly intended to have a special meaning when used in conjunction with the Dangerous Knowledge Dogma. It that context, it also means the maturity and sense of social responsibility2 which would allow the proper use of dangerous knowledge only for the purposes for which the knowledge was intended to be used, and not for purposes which are unnecessarily harmful to self or to others. The possession of wisdom implies the knowledge of the complete range of potential results which any particular application of dangerous knowledge can produce, which results are acceptable to society under its rules and which are not, what procedures are to be followed and/or which precautions are to be taken in order to avoid the unacceptable results, and the consequences to the individual and to others of a failure to follow proper procedures and/or to take proper precautions.

2 A sense of social responsibility implies a total lack of malevolent motives.

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