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A . Nature of this Advice and Commentary

Some forms of wisdom simply do not lend themselves to expression in the form of a "rule" of some sort. This does not mean that such wisdom is not intended to be used as "guidance" for those who need such "guidance." However, there are simply many circumstances where an individual's own values might cause one such individual to proceed in a particular way, while another individual with very different (but still socially acceptable) values might very well proceed in an entirely different way. Typical of choices of this sort would be the particular occupation or career path which any given individual might choose to take. Choices such as those will be strongly influenced by both the abilities and preferences of each individual who is faced with any such choice. Within the pages of this part, the Agnostic Church sets forth such wisdom as we agree is useful for guidance of those who might face choices of this sort, which is all individuals in our society at one point or another in their lives.

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