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B . Rules For Church Symbols

Every church which is popular in Western Civilization has its associated symbol, which acts to quickly identify the religious system to which the church subscribes. For Jews, it is the Star of David [""]. For Muslims, it is the Crescent, usually associated with a Star [""]. For Christians, it is the Cross [""]. Some sects are also identified with particular symbols. For example, "born-again" Christians tend to use the sketch of the fish as the symbol to identify one another [""]. So too must our church adopt some simple symbol, or else the authorities might not agree that we are a church.

There have not been any real sun worshipers for quite a while. However, a Utilitarian philosophy tends to suggest some of the aspects of sun worship, such as hedonism. The principal reason for choosing the Sun as our symbol is that the principal social goal of the Agnostic Church is to spread enlightenment to all individuals, and the pun is just too much to resist. Accordingly, the symbol for the Agnostic Church is the Sun ["" or if that symbol is not available, "" or as a last choice, ""].


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