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F . The Rules For Support of Young Relationships

One significant difference in the proposed social order would be the actual encouragement of young adult couples to live together with one or the other of their parents, or even with any responsible parent(s) who would take them in. Since this sort of living arrangement is to be encouraged by society, the first rule is that if any parent(s) who are required to be member(s) of some tribe,14 will take the two young adults into their family as a couple, the two young adults may live together in an experimental relationship (without requiring any commitment to eventual marriage, although that is surely not to be denied as the most desirable result of this experiment). The parent who takes in the young adult couple is entitled to a "child support" contribution from the family of any young adult who forms this sort of relationship, except when the young adult stays with the supporting family, and except when the young adult comes from a family which is not a member of any tribe (because the "child support" contribution is unenforceable outside of the tribal court system).15 The parent who takes in the young adult couple is responsible for the parental supervision and growth of the young adult couple in the same manner as if both young adults were members of the family of the new parent.

14 Remember, it is up to the tribal leaders to determine who is a fit parent. Thus, any person with the status of "parent" and who is a member of the tribe is presumptively fit, until declared otherwise by the tribal leaders.

15 A somewhat sticky situation will result if the parents of the non-tribal young adult demand the return of said young adult to their custody. Accordingly, tribal members are advised to seek written consent from the parents of any non-tribal young adult before agreeing to take in a young adult couple in this situation. Any young adult whose parents are tribal members may be deemed to automatically have the consent of their parents because the parents have, by becoming members of the tribe, automatically consented to these rules.

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