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D . The Rules of Tribal Composition

Western Civilization eliminated the identification of individuals as being part of a "tribe" of individuals. This is unfortunate, because the "tribe" is an essential element of the nurturing system necessary to produce individuals who will be responsible adults in the society as a whole. Fortunately, many Native Americans have preserved the concept of tribal authority, which will allow it to be more easily re-integrated into society as a whole. So, what will comprise a "tribe" in our society? The answer must lie in geography. The purpose of the "tribe" is to provide a support system for individuals and/or family units which are overburdened in one respect or another. This provides an early warning system which will allow for the early detection and correction of various social ills which would otherwise go unnoticed and uncorrected for too long, and thereby fester into significant problems.13 In order to perform this function, a "tribe" must be geographically close to the individuals and families who are members of the "tribe." Since the Agnostic Church is also a religion, the concept of a "tribe" should be coincidental with the physical church the individuals and/or families join. Thus, the "tribe" is composed of all members of any particular Agnostic Church.

13 Wife beating, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, and so forth are all common ills which could readily be addressed by "tribal elders." The essential job of "tribal elders" is to "get involved" in the family units which comprise the "tribe" for the specific purpose of preventing such social problems from developing. They do this by detecting the seeds of such problems as early as possible, and then instituting some plan of action to correct the problem, or at least invoking some higher authority if things are totally out of control for some reason.

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