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B . The Rules of Early Childhood Development

Science should be consulted in order to derive a better program for raising our children to be good adult members of our society.10 In accordance with the most modern of scientific thoughts, formation of synapses within the brains of our children, even before those children are born (and particularly in the first few months after birth), should be one of the duties of parenthood. Failure to form the proper synapses at an early age will cripple a child for life. Mathematics and language abilities are now known to be affected by what the child sees and/or hears during the time from about three months before birth through the first birthday or so, even though the child might not seem to be responding in any significant way. Breast feeding is one of the duties of motherhood. We should attempt to foster a return to wet nursing if the birth mother is incapable of breast feeding for some reason. There is strong scientific support for the concept that breast milk contains some vital nutrients which cannot be replaced by baby formula. If all of the requirements of motherhood and remaining a functional member of society come to seem to be too much of a burden, we will ameliorate that burden by establishing "team parenting" within each tribe (see the next section). This has two beneficial goals: retaining the sanity of the parents and exposing the children to different ethnic heritages to the maximum extent possible within any given tribe. This will encourage the formation of the widest sort of synapses in the brains of each child born to any member of the tribe.

10 A good starting point in this regard would be to view the one hour special which Diane Sawyer hosted for ABC's "Prime Time Live."

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