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H . The Imperfection Dogma

This is a natural consequence of the fact that no individual is perfect, and that all thoughts and all actions of all individuals are subject to the possibility of error. Each error which actually occurs may be discovered relatively immediately, or may lie undiscovered essentially forever. Because even these expressions of dogma are the product of the individual acts and omissions of individuals, these expressions of dogma themselves are also subject to error. Accordingly, the Agnostic Church must be tolerant of expressions of possible error by any intelligent individual, inside of or outside of the Agnostic Church, even when expressions of dogma are challenged as erroneous. The Agnostic Church must periodically examine this bible for error, clarity, readability and understandability so that this bible might be accepted as the best expression of the ultimate truth by the maximum number of intelligent individuals. As an expression of this fundamental dogma, which is probably the most essential belief of the Agnostic Church, this bible will only be produced in loose-leaf form, or other non-permanent media,38 never as a bound volume or other unalterable representation.39 The intent shall be that each believer shall be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of each copy of this bible which each believer possesses or otherwise has responsibility for. Thus, the Agnostic Church shall be responsible for periodically publishing (or otherwise making available)40 updates to the loose-leaf bible, and the believers shall be responsible for acquiring those updates and updating each copy of this bible which exists. As time goes by, fewer and fewer revisions should be necessary, as perfection is approached (but never reached), and the few revisions which are necessary should be less and less frequent and less and less fundamental in nature.

38 Non-permanent media specifically includes computer memory which is alterable.

39 Unalterable representations include computer CD-ROM devices.

40 Including posting on computer bulletin boards and/or the Internet.

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