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H . A Christian Revelation

As I toiled away to express my views herein, I was overcome with a revelation of tremendous import. You see, for some time now, I have been troubled with the feeling that the so-called "right wing" Christian groups, most of whom characterize themselves as "Evangelical" or "Born Again" Christians, have way too much in common with the neo-Nazi movements in this country. Admittedly, Hitler apparently based a great deal of his hatred for Jews on his feelings that the Jews had manipulated the two main Christian groups in Germany so as to distract the Christians from persecuting the Jews.38 But most of us who were raised in so-called "mainstream" Christianity never had any real hatred for Jews, never embraced any part of Nazi ideology, and basically thought that the alleged "rift" between Christians and Jews had pretty much been patched up, if not sooner, then at least by the time of the 1960's papal proclamation which absolved the Jews of any alleged guilt for the death of Jesus. Nevertheless, story after story has surfaced which reported various activities and affiliations of a White Supremacist movement called "Christian Identity" which is, in essence, a neo-Nazi group.
As the less radical right-wing Christians become more radical and activist in their political leanings, I began to wonder about the affiliation of Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, the so-called Christian Coalition and the Republican Party. These people preach a good line, but just exactly where do they propose to lead this country?
Then an evangelical group gave me my "free" Jesus video, and I actually took the time to watch it. Produced mostly from the Gospel according to Luke, the movie gives the classic New Testament story of Jesus. The movie (and obviously, the Bible upon which it was directly based) makes it crystal clear that Jesus was for: 1) aid to the poor; 2) aid to the sick; 3) aid to the elderly; and 4) aid to the little children.
After contemplating the Jesus video and the Republican political program together for a while, it all of a sudden struck me: these right-wing Christian groups are supporting a political movement which stands against all of the things which Jesus himself was for; therefore, there is only one conclusion which may be reached: at a minimum, at least the leaders of these groups MUST be under the influence of the Anti-Christ!
This was a truly startling revelation! A modern political movement which claims to represent Christians, but which is actually supporting a political agenda which only the Anti-Christ could embrace!
Some people have made various connections between Hitler and the Anti-Christ. Now, here is yet another obvious connection between a right-wing political agenda and the Anti-Christ. The appearance of neo-Nazi fringe groups is no mere coincidence, then, because the common thread which connects all of these individuals, groups, and all of the various related organizations which they sponsor is a political agenda which only the Anti-Christ could love!
It is now possible to see the anti-abortion demonstrators as only the leading edge of a wave of Nazi-like "storm troopers" who will eventually rush in to suppress all who might dare to dissent from the "party line" of the Anti-Christ. From Spengler, we know that the "Second Religiousness" movement will be associated with an "imperium of gradually increasing crudity of despotism." It is now obvious to me, as it could never have been to Spengler, that the so-called "Born-Again Christians" are the group which qualifies as the "Second Religiousness" movement which Spengler predicted. Thus, it should be no surprise at all to find that very movement associated with gangs of Nazi-like "storm troopers" who vow to instill their version of "political correctness" in all who would dare to proclaim a dissident viewpoint.
This was a true revelation from God, so far as I am concerned. I do hope that this revelation becomes as inspiring to you as it is to me.

38 This assertion is based upon my reading of Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

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