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This is by no means a cohesive writing project (i.e., one that was planned to take this form at the time it was begun). Instead, this work has grown, somewhat like Topsy. The starting point was my own personal search for Truth, as is true of so many books that deal with either Philosophy or Religion. As my search for Truth expanded, the number of "books in process" grew to two, then three, and then four. Now, I have concluded that all four do comprise a complete whole, and thus all of them do belong together, sharing pages as part of a much larger work.
However, the size to which this writing project has expanded, and the history of how it was written as a series of separate pieces (essentially, "as the spirit moved me" to write them down), do leave some obvious inconsistencies in the end product. Most glaring is in the chapters that I decided, at one point or another, to share between two of the then separate "books in progress." I have yet to figure out the proper order to present that material only once, so they now stand as repeated between each of the sub-books herein in which they were originally designed to appear. The first two sections on Spengler are a case in point. They appear at the beginning of the essay on the existence of God, and again (in a slightly altered form) at the beginning of the separate book on Spengler's theories. Logically, they belong in both places, and I need to either move the essay on the existence of God to after the book on Spengler, which will destroy some of the value of having that essay appear before the much more detailed work, or else refer the reader to the later part on Spengler during the reading of the earlier part on God. Both of these potential solutions are, to some degree or another, offensive to my overall purpose, so I seek a different sort of solution.
The present version of this work is also missing some pieces that I had originally intended to insert. They are not yet written, and I will write them before I put this work into anything like a "final" form. However, it is extremely important to me to get some initial reader feedback before I make any extensive attempt to put this work to bed, so I am making an initial release in this somewhat incomplete form. The content of the missing pieces should be obvious to the intelligent reader, so please do not feel shortchanged by these clearly indicated omissions.
With all of that said, by way of excuse, there is still a great deal of excellent material in this work. It is because I now personally believe that this work says enough to the intelligent reader to draw that reader to the obvious conclusion(s) which are of great value to us all that I have now decided it is time to release a draft for review by this class of reader. I intend to rely upon the critical comments of these readers to indicate to me how and when to finish this work off for some form of eventual publication.
There are clearly some conclusions which I have reached which surprised even me, as I searched for some Truth to fulfill my own soul. Among these are:

The objective of this new "Bible" for mankind is to motivate, educate, and otherwise promulgate the wisdom necessary to the achievement of greater wisdom and increased happiness for all of mankind. Unlike most (if not all) Utopian visions of the past, the scope of this vision is truly broad enough to encompass all of the real issues which will confront us, and to provide a truly realistic blueprint for the actual achievement of something which we should all agree would be Utopia; not the ultimate in pleasure for all of humanity, but a realistic, practical, and pragmatic plan to get as close as possible to that goal, while still achieving some sort of overall "progress" or "advancement" for human knowledge.
I do not see such a large objective as being possible with only the input from one person to bring it to reality. Thus, it is my clear intention to release several early drafts of this Bible so that others may comment and add to my own thoughts on the various subjects herein. It is to that end of "peer review" by other humans that this draft is dedicated. Read it in good faith, and come back with honest suggestions for real improvements. It can only benefit our many mutual descendants.

1 This is never to be read as an advocacy for promoting a culture based upon drug abuse! It is impossible to promote "moderate" use of addictive substances, and it is an extremely rare drug user who can fulfill his or her obligations to other members of society while using drugs.

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