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Agnostic Testimony 13
Dan’s Religious Manifesto (page 4)

by Daniel Hendricks

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The ark would not hold the number of animals claimed.  Noah was asked to take between two and fourteen of each animal (seven pairs of clean animals, two pair of unclean)[1] Scientists estimate that there are between 3 and 10 million species on the planet.  Taking the lowest number there, giving a base size of one cubic millimeter per animal, only counting two of each animal, you’d need an ark with a volume of one mile high, two miles wide and three miles long.  This is not counting the space actually taken up by the ark itself, or 40 days worth of food for all these animals.  This should be a very easy artifact to find, if it existed.  Additionally, there would be a huge pile of skeletons where the arc landed (as Noah’s first act was to sacrifice one of each animal.[2]) including skeletons of animals not found in the area.  Animals of similar genetic background would have to have all randomly gone to the same spot.  (i.e. Australia has a proportionately large number of marsupials… all Koalas, Kangaroos, Spiders, and a thousand other animals unique to the continent would have had to all make it to Australia, not leaving any marks of their passing or isolated populations of kin behind, and somehow crossing a portion of the Pacific Ocean to get to Australia.  Of course, you also have the immediate problem of feeding.  The flood would have killed all plant life, so the herbivores wouldn’t have had food for at least a year (at least until the next season of crops grew).  And of course, the carnivores couldn’t eat for at least a year or two, and even then, they could only get a couple meals per year until the herbivore population grew enough to provide regular meals.  Lions alone tend to eat an animal every 5-7 days, so six zebra would last six lions just a couple of weeks.[3] The creation of billions of gallons of water and then the removal of the same would be the least of the miracles that would be needed for the Great Flood story to be true.

Building off a population of Noah, his family, and slaves, they would also need to almost instantly set out to walk/swim to North America and start building Anasazi and South American ruins, while leaving enough children behind to populate the rest of the world.  Even if the population grew at its current rate (which is only so high because of our medicinal advances and the application of technology to food production, storage and transportation), and a full 10% of the world’s population worked on the Pyramids, they would have had to be built by a few hundred people.  These people would also need to forget everything they knew prior to their arrival as soon as they got to wherever they were going.  Aztec and Chinese creation myths mention nothing about a long trip, they both assume they were created where they live now.[4]

Leviticus and Deutoronomy, as mentioned above, have some rather odd laws in them.  Of particular interest is the sense of picking and choosing among them which are invalid, and which are worthy of outrage.  Chapter 18 of Leviticus is a huge list of all the different relatives you aren’t allowed to sleep with.  Certainly incest is a bad idea, but very few people seem to care that incest gets a whole chapter of very specific wording, while things people rage over either get one line, or are, at best a guess based on an interpretation of a scripture (ie if life begins at conception / stem cell research etc.)

Chronicles and Kings[5] cause a bit of trouble themselves, claiming that a bath that is perfectly round and 10 units across has a circumference of 30 units.  (This is impossible – as pi = 3.14, and the formula for finding the circumference of a circle is [diameter * pi = circumference] an object with a diameter of 10 would have a circumference of 31.4)  So either the claim that it was a perfect circle, or the measurement is wrong.  And if it’s wrong, it’s not literally true.  Additionally, each book gives a different volume of water held by the bath.  One has to be wrong, and thus not perfect. 

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