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Agnostic Testimony 13
Dan’s Religious Manifesto (page 3)

by Daniel Hendricks

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From the rest of the Bible, it seems clear that God is more the Shepard than the Father.

Another interesting part of the Bible is how little most Christian churches resemble the actual teachings of Jesus.  Jesus was a great guy, who had some wonderful ideas.  He was very accepting of everyone.  He was willing to hang out with prostitutes, children, and taxmen, and never really seemed to ask them to change much to hang out with him.  He once healed the male sex slave of a Roman Centurion who wasn’t even Jewish just because of the strength of the love they shared.[1]  His very clear message was to love everyone as they were.  This message is pretty much gone from most churches, which seem to focus more on blind obedience, or hoping for Revelation to come to pass.

Revelation, of course, is one of the odder parts of the Bible.  It talks about how the world will end, with good people going to Heaven, and bad people going to Hell.  In other words, it’s just like normal times, except everyone dying at once.  This is something eagerly anticipated by many branches of Christianity for reasons I’ve never been real clear on.  I mean, if you think you’ve lived a good enough life to get into heaven, who cares if it’s en masse via Rapture or when you die of natural causes?  Heck, if you’re in that big of a rush to get to Heaven, why not go be a missionary in someplace dangerous, like Iraq or Compton ?  Odds are good you’ll die doing God’s work, and be in Heaven that much faster.

Literal Scripture Analysis

This more focuses on those Christian religions that take a fundamentalist, literal interpretation to the Bible.  Personally, I find this to be absurd at best, and generally just a sign that the person in question has never really thought about it, but just taken someone’s word that the Bible is literally true.  This section is mostly devoted to things that seem to be critically wrong if you take the Bible to be literally true.  If the Scripture content portion helps explain why I am not Christian, the scripture analysis is why I am even more removed from literal, fundamentalist Christianity.

Old Testament

Okay, from the top: If the universe is 6000 years old, we shouldn’t be able to see starts more than 6k light years away.  We can.  Everything we know about geology, how planets and suns form, and virtually everything we know about space would have to be wrong.  Poor biologists and doctors.  People are perfectly willing to trust their knowledge enough to let them cut them open, but at anything regarding evolution, and suddenly they have no clue what they are talking about.  Now, of course, one should break down all the problems with creationism from Adam and Eve, but as everything was destroyed to start over again with Noah, it’s easier to start from there.  (Note: the 6000 year old universe is another odd one – most Christians give the age of the Earth at about 6000 years.  They date this off the Old Testament.  Jews, however, date the universe at around 5755 years.  I’ve asked around and have yet to find an explanation for where those 250 years went)

At any rate, I will address just the problems with the story of Noah, as it makes the problems with the story of Adam and Eve moot.

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1 Matt 8:5-13