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Discussion 8 to Testimony 1
Science and the Bible

by: Dawn Wessel

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Dear Evan:

Sorry to take so long to reply. I'm very busy writing research to present to the scientific community.

I'm so sorry, I completely misread what you were saying. I am, however, not proposing Bible-based religion in any sense that has ever been considered before, namely:

  1. scientific method within the Bible which reveals that science is the Bible's real advocate and religion is wrong.
  2. I support evolution wholeheartedly; 'dust' in the Bible actually refers to primordial ooze.  Ironically the Hebrew interpretation for the universe is 'pulverize', which is also the interpretation for the human body.
  3. I know that human beings are descended from chimpanzees but according to the Bible we also possess a 'supernatural spirit (aura)' which other animals of the earth do not have. For example: a limb is severed but a person still feels it (phantom limb) - because the aura around the human body remains in the same shape because it is metaphysical.
  4. I have discovered a scientific method for interpretation within the Bible itself which 'unscrambles' the information - thereby finally agreeing with science and actually making some sense.
  5. If God did in fact create the universe and so the earth - and science initially only studies that - wouldn't that make science God's advocate?