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Discussion 7 to Testimony 1
Thanks for your compassionate reply

by: Evan D.

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Thank you for your compassionate reply since it has been more sincere than many of the responses that I have received from the relatives and friends close to me.  I think that you have, however, misunderstood my position on God.  I am not turned off to God or religion, per se.  If you refer to the Articles of Faith on this site, you will note:

  1. The existence of a Supreme Being is unknown and unknowable.
  2. If there is a Supreme Being, then that being appears to act as if apathetic to events in our universe.
  3. We are apathetic to the existence or nonexistence of a Supreme Being.

This is my official position on the God concept as a whole.  My stance specifically on the Christian God, in most of his contemporary formulations, is that he is a logically impossible supreme being.

With that said, I will agree with you that the man / myth Jesus had many wise teachings attributed to him, some possibly were contained in Matthew chapter 7.  Many of these teachings were originally pagan mystery motifs woven into Jewish mythology by Gnostic and Plutonian sages, and it would not surprise me if “turn the other cheek” was meant to be interpreted in a way other than literally.

I took a brief look at “Vindicatus”, as you suggested and I have a few thoughts.  First, I agree that the literalist church has used the wrong approach in developing church doctrine.  They take everything but the apocalyptical scriptures to be literal when in fact almost the entire Bible can be interpreted allegorically.  For instance, Jesus being the center of focus for the 12 disciples can be interpreted as the twelve signs of the Zodiac.  The number of fish caught in the disciples’ net is 153 which is vital to the Pythagorean ratio for the measure of the fish, 153:265[1].  The ancients encoded many of these sorts of teachings into the Jesus myth to be later understood by only the members of the inner mysteries of Gnostic Christianity.

Secondly, I have in my Fundamentalist days read some of the pseudo science that has come about as a result of trying to unite the scientific mindset with the religious one.  For me it just doesn’t work.  It seems impossible to reconcile claims like “the Earth is held up on pillars[2]” (that is literally what they believed in that day) with the reality that the Earth is a solid sphere and lacks pillars underneath it.  For humor sake, I also refuse to believe that it is held in place by an elephant, a tortoise, or by a sphere lifting ginormous man. 

Thirdly, your example of Job 40 concerning the leviathan and behemoth being potential evidence for dinosaurs in the Bible and other similar statements, have historically tended to undermine good science.  Fundamentalist Old Earth Creationists will take statements such as these that cannot be proven from any source, turn them into facts, and inject them into a high school biology curriculum.  If you don’t believe me, do a Google search on the Ohio Evolution Debate.  If I have children, I don’t want them learning the religious dogma of literalist Christians when they should be learning science.

Regardless of my personal opinions, thank you for your reply and good luck in your quest of bringing unorthodox ideas to the Christian church.  You may yet make some good apathetic agnostics out of the believers with the advancement of your new book.



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  2. Psalm 75:3