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Discussion 4 to Testimony 1
I find Jesus to be fictitious

by Evan D

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Thank you for your concern, although I must assure you that I don’t throw either babies or bathwater.  Personally, I find Jesus to be just as fictitious as His loving father.  There are approximately 30 gospels that supposedly summarize His life, and they all contradict each other.  If we recognize only the authority of the church, which I don’t, then you are still left with four contradictory gospels concerning the life of Jesus.  Although the Romans kept meticulous records over trials, crucifixions, etc. nothing that the Romans may have written about Jesus has ever surfaced.

Besides a few fraudulent references in the writings of Josephus, some vague writings in Tacitus, and a couple vague references in the Talmud / Mishna, there is no extra biblical evidence for Jesus’ existence.

Furthermore, many of the stories about Jesus have been borrowed from Osiris / Dionysus mythology originating in ancient Egypt .  I find it more likely that Jesus was nothing but the deluded fantasy of some Hellenized Jew which caught on like wildfire.  Damn mystery cults. 

Regardless of Jesus’ existence, the his humanist message still applies.  I do consider myself a humanist, probably a utilitarian in the camp of John Stewart Mill.  Whoever put words in Jesus’ mouth was certainly wise, but I would certainly not give God that credit.

Evan D