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Discussion 3 to Testimony 1
You are being too severe with yourself

by Chris Redding

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I think that you are being too severe with yourself, and are throwing the baby out with the bath water. I don't personally believe that there is a god (at least not in the usual 'Charlton Heston in a big chair on a cloud' way, but that doesn't mean that Jesus of Nazareth never walked the earth and never said some very valuable things.

I know that Jesus believed in God, but I don't. That doesn't mean that Jesus (as a man) never existed. I read his words as an essentially 'humanist' message, and I like much of what was (rightly or wrongly) attributed to him. I also believe that Lenin existed, but that doesn't make me a communist.

Jesus never himself claimed to be anything more than a man - Ghandi existed and left many wise words behind him, without ever claiming divinity. Perhaps you can also be a 'Jesus-ist' without believing he was 'Christ'.